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Tam Commons Tap Room + Kitchen is located in a National Historic Landmark building on 4th street in Downtown San Rafael, CA. We offer 34 taps with a unique selection of hand-crafted beers from all over the world and a full menu of internationally inspired grub. Taps are constantly rotating to provide an original and always changing selection of beers from right here in Marin to breweries from all around the globe. Your taste buds will be tappin’! In addition to the selection of beers available, we also offer a well curated selection of wines…and yes…Kombucha! From the kitchen, we bring our collective food experiences and memories to your table. Through our travels, we’ve been fortunate to eat and drink with some amazing communal food cultures around the world and we want to bring that experience to you!

Everyone has a story.

It all started over a beer on the Mendocino coast. Two friends talking, exploring options for the future and a fun way to break away from the grind. Chris, a small business owner and avid cyclist dreamt of opening a food spot to share his passion for food and feeding his loved ones. Aram, a jack-of-all trades with a long history in managing food establishments and passionate brewer. Both fathers. With a clink of a beer over the campfire…the journey began. What’s the core of Tam Commons? Family. Friends. Community. Acting locally. Thinking globally. Sustainability. Good food. Good times. And of course, the old social lubricant…great beer and wine at reasonable prices. After deciding on Downtown San Rafael as the perfect location — Chris got word the pool hall on 4th was for sale and Aram freaked out. “The pool hall!? Really?! Dude! BUY IT! That’s an epic spot!” Despite its current state of disrepair the place was majestic! One of the most iconic buildings north of the Golden Gate. After much high fiving – the scramble to get started was on. Partners, vendors and contractors were selected. Paperwork ensued. Money was begged, borrowed, and stolen. Well, not stolen. Chefs were entertained and brought on. Licenses were obtained.  Permits were applied for. A building transformation took place. And here we are! An ultra cool taproom with hard surfaces and soft edges. Seating for all kinds of community – one on one conversations, casual lounging, tables for friends, and a super cool outdoor patio!

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Tam Commons is locally owned and operated by a team of people who love beer and food as much as you do!

Our Team


With 34 taps of well selected unique beers and wines, you can come in every day for a new adventure!

Pete Novato

The lounge area is an awesome spot to relax with friends. Beer, wine, food and friends. What could be better?

Amanda Mill Valley